About Hairegen

Theoretical basis for solution to balding is sought for a solution for baldness and develops the practical technologies based on that theory.

Our dedicated team build prototypes for two types of treatment options: multi-stimulation device and nano technology cosmetic composition with microcapsules.

The multi stimulation device is selected for further development. Multiple treatment mechanisms are tested.

A second prototype is launched for larger field test. It included three treatment mechanisms (biochemical, electrical and mechanical) operating simultaneously.

A third prototype, which includes a computerized control and logging system, is tested by dozens of users.

The fourth, wireless prototype is developed and this advanced model is enlisted for a large and final field test. Includes both male and female subjects.

Following the success of the field test, the technology is commercialized as a home use, self-treatment device.

Development of the commercial model is finalized and launched as Hairegen.

Development of the international Hairegen model reaches completion. The new model includes LLLT as a fourth treatment mechanism, and receives CE certification.
Patent granted for Apparatus for stimulating hair growth and/or preventing hair loss

The Hairegen “Personal Trainer” PC application for self monitoring and evaluation of proper device use is launched.
Patent granted for electrical therapy
Design patent granted for scalp treatment apparatus

A clinical study on the real-world efficacy of Hairegen is published. The study includes results by close to 300 users of varying ages and gender.
Patent granted for biochemical therapy